Thursday, November 11, 2010

hope in a calamity

Everyone butchers the internet.
And everyone does so rightly with its shortcomings:
Sick fetishes, pornography, gossip, consumerism, greed, obsessions, uproductivity.
And as you have it, Google has answers for all kinds of questions including , "I'm afraid of sex" ,"A fox bit me in my dream" , and "How to make an impact flash bomb in 5 minutes"(all questions tried and tested today, thank you very much).

Generations prior to the googleAge will persecute technology on the ( albeit very justified) pretext that it is unnatural; it turns you into a recluse; your life revolves around a machine (in this scenario, mine being my lappy). And most often than not, it becomes like a drug, once you sit, you're glued. For hours on end. and time losing its essence. And by the end of say 6 hours, you'd be left wondering where those 6 important hours of possible assignments or chores getting finished went...

...Which is precisely why i've never really been a "techperson". Well, not since the past five years. Ofcourse, there is the occasional mail check, or Facebook update, but i've personally found the internet to be a load rather than a boon. It alienates you from your friends when you get stuck to episodes on TVduck, or constantly walling people on Facebook, and frankly, it desensitizes you just a wheebit- wait, that's media in general, an entirely different topic of discussion for another day perhaps.

Yes. Back to the internet. So why suddenly I talk of this?

Well, honestly it's my vacation week, and i have reconnected with the internet and my cobwebbed blog accounts. And while, yes, I'm still trying to figure out Twitter (yes, technologically challenged me :) ), it struck me..

Now i may not completely understand twitter, afterall it's only been a day, but I think it's an ingenious way for people , and all kinds of people mind you, to connect on a very safe and equal plane. And this platform, gives people and free and equal chance to debate ideate, share, follow (yes! that's the word they use!) and perhaps form this highly digitalized and BBM-oriented internet-with flying chips in a vortex- world, acquaintances.

And twitter is not like your normal social networking sites. You can follow practically anyone, your favourite author, activist, artists, designers, musicians. Woah. Yes, that's what i thought. Woah. And yes, it somehow fulfills your stalker tendencies. but when you look at it closely, you'll find that those whom you intended to stalk, are actually boring. and other people, random people or activists,s hare the same thoughts about several socio-political-cultural-ecological-philosophical-crapbag- oh good you're still reading this :)


i felt good thinking that there was finally some plane on which, we as human beings, could connect about what really matters to us. And twitter is somewhat more a personal space.


In reference to the tried and tested ridiculous questions, it got me thinking three things : a) these people don't have lives , b) wait, i'm typing this. c) wow, they actually wrote back to these people, with genuine answers.

So spyware, adware, hackers, and pedophiles aside, the internet can be a place where you can find nice people who are willing to give you advice or help in whatever keyboard-limited way.
And they bothered to reply to the most absurd questions you asked on the internet probably when you couldn't share this with someone in real life. Google is your shrink (wow :|) and Twitter is your.. well i'm still finding out what twitter's about.

Till then,... aha. wasted 1 hour already. :)