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March 5, 2012          Happy Birthday Zosang aka Zappa!

One of my favorite illustrations are those from the New Yorker. As a teenager, I looked forward to each edition. This is probably one of my influences towards being an illustrator as well as my personal taste... I'm going to try and work on finding ALL the names of the illustrators next time you check in i'll be sure to post it. ..Some of it dates back to 1939. p.s. check out the covers of the september 2001, issues. time-context-history-documented forever (#whistle in the wind) <3- Keik


one of the first New Yorkers
I ever grabbed



Halloween Editions

February 29, 2012

Here this band, M83 , electronic music with 80's magic air.... not. joking.

Song of the day -Midnight city... shizz.

Elie Saab  Couture, spring '11

Elie Saab, Spring '12
March 4, 2012 :: Viktor & Rolf

I love this too                                                    

Must watch if you find this planet and pain amusing.

Must watch also if above statement does not apply.


That's . our mess wall behind us.

This is work.
claymation, QAR room . its like sailors at sea.

Le Seine, Paris, Place no. 1 I love. Clichéd? *sheepish* 

Central Park, this would do to . #2

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