Hobo Christmas & Season's Greetings!

Merry Christmas!

2012:: And a Happy New year! woo!!

                                                  Digital Artwork, Character Design

Dry pastels, Character & Visuals

Quick wash & sketch, Digital

I'm really pissed with these illustrations scans cos they turned out blurry. :X

baroque style self-portrait, dry pastels.
The original is way better.
Couldn't geta clear scan of this. c. 2010
After using dry-pastels, i have realized the importance of fixatives..
all my sketches came out awful during the scan..
In this one as well, original is way better. This is very blurred.
Self-Portrait inspired by a song -
I chose Young Blood by The Naked & Famous. c. 2010

Self-Portrait made from scrap.
My funkadelic pyjamas tore into half,
so instead of throwing them away,
 i decided to forever honour their memory
 by making my self-portrait with them.
c. 2010

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