Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Typography Explorations

Firstly, This is an extract from one of Edgar Allan Poe's stories, The Tell-Tale Heart. 

I like to emote the tone of text.The tone plays out in my head- how, as a director, I'd want my actors to say the dialogue. Ease their way into the tone of the scene.

This was one of my sidey fun kaam, in between 2nd year breaks during Typography. Done on Illustrator. Never had the balls to show my prof. Thought I'd post it here. Must read his stories if you're a , Roald Dahl, Tim Burton..Charles Manson- type. :) [Thumbs Up]

Found an animation short for The Tell-Tale Heart 

Friday, March 2, 2012

I wants.  ... the best sh*t in the world.

Banana Yoshimoto is the sh*t


Banana and I have many questions in common, the only difference being that she is closer to the answers than I am. Then again, I do not think she’s going to beat me to the finish line any time soon.

I did not like Dreaming of kimchee. For me, that was the least powerful compared to the rest It has its element of magic. Banana has done justice to this character.  But the topic stresses me out and not in a stressful way, in an unnecessary way.

We have had similar thoughts, and what I find really uncanny is our sense of analogies and issues.

I have this thought. That life is an airport with very bad flight timings/service. The planes come in and go as they please.

Anyhow, for those few hours at the T3 you can choose how you want to while away your time before departure.

Death is the objective.
Life is a pastime, rather how we choose to pass our time before death.
(Which is why bucket lists exist)

Banana uses the analogy of us being on this train (life) (newlywed), depending on how long we choose to stretch the travel defines the lengths of 1) us moving away from safety, of what we consider a “good train ride” , or “the necessary train ride” 2) reaching for the unknown.

Haha. The unknown is the answer.

Secondly she uses, the words hobbies. 

We invest our time, in activities that end up defining us as people and ourselves. I am but a bunch of different hobbies put together.

There are some crazy feelings towards mothers and experiences that haunt me. Banana is scary.
1)            Lizard: The idea of a mother being strong. The idea of a mother falling. The idea of a daughter not being able to say that. Some develop psychosomatic blindness. I wasn’t so lucky/unlucky.
2)            A strange tale from down by the river : Abandonment . My mother abandoned me on the road when she had a fight with my father as an infant. However. She lies about it. I would rather her tell me about what she went through than lie about it. Why must mothers lie about the past? Do they know that we look up to them?

Also, I think I need to read her book again. Because, I fucking scared I missed something.

Also, in my poem,I say I was born in a bright tunnel.

Banana says she feels is we are not born with hope, rather it comes to us. As a transforming force.